Pruning Fruit Trees

Many Florida homes have fruit trees. These trees can play a
large impact into the overall appearance and maintenance of any property. If
left unattended the once beautiful arrangements can become a burdensome
obstacle. These small but productive trees need to be pruned each season. This
is a healthy act and can only increase fruit production and the individual vitality
of the tree itself.


The best time of year to prune your South Florida fruit
trees is during the winter months while it is dormant, (November,December, January) but can be done in the summer.
During this stage the overall shape can be molded to allow a visually
attractive and easily manageable tree.

This activity will also lend well to maintaining your lawn.
Having removed excess branches prior to growing season will allow ease of


A healthy tree will usually have four main limbs in which to
provide off shoots.  It is also a good
idea to leave the center area open for sunlight penetration. This will allow
you access to the fruit and a nicely shaped canopy.

Fruit will only appear on one year old branches. Which means
last year’s new growth will produce this year’s fruit. Properly preparing for
this realization will give you an abundance of happiness.



Each year of maintenance is a building block to developing a long term relationship with
your North Port Florida fruit tree. Check out this link for more detailed information from the
University of Florida.


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